The Pattern – 23

Treat other like you would like to be treated. (Matt 7:12; Luke 6:31). When you interact with others, do you treat them like you want to be treated or do you treat them differently? If you do not give them the same treatment that you would desire how is it different? In what ways do you show them less honor, respect, courtesy, kindness, graciousness, or care than you would like to receive? Are there other areas in which you have a double standard? Why do you think you resort to treating them like this? What is your motivation? What do you hope to gain? Have you achieved your goal, or has your actions had some unexpected costs? How do you think people would feel and respond if you treated them as you want to be treated? What effect would this have on your relationship with them? What effect would this have on their ability to see Christ in you? Are there any changes you need to make? What are the things you can affect and what are the things that can only be changed with help from another? Spending time talking to God about these things and asking Him to help you make the changes you cannot make on your own.

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1 Response to The Pattern – 23

  1. matt swaney says:

    thanks Ron! wrote some of these questions down to stew on a bit. feeling a bit convicted, thanks for sharing.


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